Ka Ying Fong

A Moment in Time with Phyllis Shafto by Ka Ying Fong

A Moment in Time with Phyllis Shafto by Ka Ying Fong

A Radio Play that responds to the series of drawings by Phyllis Shafto, a female war artist from Lincolnshire.

In 201X, Ying left home and arrived in England to study design, and is on her way to Lincoln. Her journey starts with a suitcase with a tag named Phyllis Shafto which is blocking her seat. Ying realises that she is a female war artist from the 1940s, who is on her way back to her Boston, Lincolnshire home…  

Phyllis Shafto was a female artist from Lincolnshire born in 1904. She moved to London in the early 1930s and worked as street life and watercolour artist until the Second World War. She produced the series of sketches and drawings of St. Paul’s Cathedral after the Blitz in 1943, then returned to her Lincolnshire home after an illness. After returning home, she worked on some local scenes and floral drawings and passed away in 1944. 


Phyllis Shafto played by Hannah Peacock

Ying played by Ka Ying Fong

3 thoughts on “Ka Ying Fong

  1. Such a great idea to discuss the artist’s work as a recorded interview! I found this an interesting listen, thank you.


  2. I have 3 works by Phyllis Shaft. I wasn’t sure how my father acquired them but he was a photographer and art collector in Boston (Lincolnshire) so this all ties up. I was also born in Boston.


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