Welcome to Flying into Action a Curatorial Project by the Creative Collective.

Between October 2020 and January 2021 a group of eight young people met weekly to engage with each other, industry professionals and artists to explore the Battle of Britain and themes of war and conflict.

Together but having never physically met, the Creative Collective worked remotely to produce the project, responding and adapting to numerous changes resulting from the Covid Pandemic.

Each member of the group selected an artist to respond to, working together to explore common themes and different perspectives.  Their responses span a variety of mediums and highlight the enduring relevance of this momentous event to a contemporary audience. This website is the result of their creativity, hard work and dedication.

Curatorial Project: Responses

Flying into Action: A Podcast

Join the Creative Collective in discussion about the Battle of Britain. Learn more about their responses and their online exhibit flyingintoaction.com

Weronika Oblak

Eileen Agar Untitled, c.1940, Eileen Agar, Gouache on board Eileen Agar was born in 1899 in Argentina to an American mother and a Scottish father. Agar moved with her family to London when she was around twelve years old, having travelled to England every two years prior to the move. Though Agar moved frequently throughoutContinue reading “Weronika Oblak”

Eloise Pryor

Allan Gwynne-Jones Gwynne-Jones was an English painter, who initially trained as a solicitor, but became inspired by art and pursued watercolours. He only practiced for a few years before being commissioned into the First World War, where he was injured. After this, he taught at an art school, gaining renown for his paintings of flowersContinue reading “Eloise Pryor”

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